Anton Zabolotnyi

Ukrainian hairstylist who makes his home between Ukraine, India, Azerbaijan and now Denmark. From his early childhood he wanted to do hair. After graduating from a college and then after obtaining a degree in Computer Technology from a University, he decided to focus on his passion and entered the hair and fashion industry. Having changed his career path at the age of 21, Anton completed his training to become a professional hairstylist.

He has worked at different salons in Ukraine, Azerbaijan and India, having perfected his skills as a hair and make up artist. Working in L’Oreal company, he was lucky enough to work shoulder to shoulder with such icons as Nicholas French, Lloyd Simons, Jamie Stevence, Ammon Carver and many others.  He has never stopped learning.

Anton has been featured in the articles in Marie Claire Ukraine and Cosmopolitan Ukraine. His clients include such celebrities as Anna Gaya, Anita Kravos and Dianna Hajieva. He has worked as a freelance hairstylist during fashion weeks, Eurovision Song Contests and many photo/video shoots. His portfolio includes collaborations with professional photographers/stylists/fashion editors from all over the world.

Most recently Anton was on the team making the record breaking HBO series “Chernobyl” nominated for multiple EMIs.



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September 2011 – International training seminar Yves Saint Laurent – Paris, France

July 2012 – International training manager course Yves Saint Laurent – Paris, France

November 2012, October 2013 – Matrix world tour - Turkey

May 2013 – Welcome training for training managers Kérastase – Warsaw, Poland

July 2013 – International training seminar Kérastase – Roma, Italy

September 2013 – 1 day course eyelash extension  - Odessa, Ukraine

November 2013 – Integration program Dessange International – Mumbai, India

November 2013 – India bridal fashion week (Rohit ball), hair stylist – Mumbai, India

December 2013 – India resort fashion week, make-up artist – Mumbai, India

June 2015 – 1st European Games, hairstylist – Baku, Azerbaijan

June 2016 – Azerbaijan Fashion Week, hairstylist – Baku, Azerbaijan

January 2017 – Redken symposium 2017, backstage hairstylist – Las Vegas, USA

May 2017 – Eurovision song contest 2017, hairstylist of Azerbaijan’s representative – Kiev, Ukraine

October 2022 - International training seminar Sisley Paris – Paris, France

February 2023 - Copenhagen fashion week AW 2023 - Copenhagen, Denmark